500 Turkeys has taken on a life of it’s own.  The community support has been such a blessing.  Here are some videos and other media created by supporters of 500 Turkeys.  Enjoy.


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“Spreading God’s Word”

500 Turkey’s became an official NON-PROFIT 501c3 organization last year! We are still a ministry lead by God and His plans for this mission. As the Lord allows us to grow, He brings to us exciting opportunities and blessings. Life Bridge Christian Church is our ministry home. They have supported and helped bless this ministry since day ONE back in 2009.  Thanks to all the people that have been a part of this with us for the last 6+ years. We are thankful for Him bringing you into our lives.  Let’s bring God all the glory while we love on lots of people!


Jeni Bolton – Founder/President 500 Turkeys, INC


May 2016 – Jeni Bolton and 500 Turkeys by Todd Laczynski

May 2016 – Jeni Bolton and 500 Turkeys EXTRAS by Todd Laczynski

Oct 2011 – Into The Light Supports 500 Turkeys

Nov 2010 – Jeni & Anna WVLP Valpo

Nov 2010 – 500 Turkeys Pre-Boxing Night

2009 Year #1 – Liz helps us show you The Blessing


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